Have you ever wondered how to make money online?  There is one main reason why you’re not making any sales online. I asked in a webinar recently for people to let me know how many dollars they’ve made online since the beginning of the school year, and most people said zero. The misconception that many […]

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I make mistakes all the time. In fact, I just told my kids the other day at the dinner table, “Do you know how you know that it’s 10:00 a.m.?” They looked at me confused and asked what I was talking about. My answer to them was, “Because I’ve made at least eight mistakes.” Every […]

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As I look back on the past year, most of the greatest opportunities I had were the result of networking with influencers. If this sounds scary to you or you don’t think it’s possible to build an “influential network,” I want to introduce you to the Dream 100 Strategy. It’s a concept originating with business […]

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Disappointment happens when an expectation isn’t met, like an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place that doesn’t happen. The very reason we feel disappointed in any given situation is because we show up expecting. We are dressed for a job interview and we discover that the company just shut its doors […]

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