The Dream 100 Strategy

As I look back on 2018, most of the greatest opportunities I had were the result of “networking with influencers”.

If this sounds scary to you or you don’t think it’s possible to build an “influential network,”

I want to introduce you to the Dream 100 Strategy.

It’s a concept¬†originating with business strategist Chet Holmes (and shared in his amazing book “The Ultimate Sales Machine”)

The Dream 100 is a proven process to serve people by continually staying in touch with them.

The strategy works as follows:
1. Identify the key influencers in your industry with whom you want to build a relationship.
2. Create a strategic outreach campaign that nurtures the relationship with those influencers and gets their attention over time.
3. Consistently communicate with them until they do business with you.

Do you have networking goals for the New Year?

If so, what are they?

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