Here are the tools I recommend:
Let's face it. Starting and growing your online business can be complicated and overwhelming. And one of the most difficult parts is figuring out which tools to use. 

To help you clear through the clutter, I recommend the tools we actually use in our business each and every day.

Click the links below to learn more. 
Course Hosting
New Kajabi
We've moved most of our online courses over to New Kajabi. These "all in one" tool includes video hosting, login pages, landing pages, checkout process, and email marketing. 
I spend 2 hours a day using Zoom. It's my go to tool for coaching, webinars, and team meetings. I love the recording feature and video stability.
Website Hosting
If you have a website, especially a wordpress website, I cannot recommend Siteground enough. They are cost effective, reliable, and their support chat is amazing.
Email Marketing
This is our main tool for managing our email database and customer list. It is a very powerful tool for tagging, sequences, and other features to personalize your marketing messages.
Audio and Music Files
Audio Jungle
I absolutely love this tool. We use it for all of our audio files including sales videos, podcast intros, and bumper music for our online course. 
Email Marketing
Convert Kit
I use this for my personal email list. Their deliverability is super high and it is so easy to create a new email campaign. I also love their "resend to unopens" features.
Cloud Storage
I keep a backup of all of my files in Dropbox. It's very convenient to access from anywhere I am and also share with my team.
Landing Pages
Wow. Clickfunnels is the easiest way to create a landing page or a sales funnel. Drag and drop features and mobile customizability make this a must if you are looking to sell anything online.
Password Sharing
Stop remembering passwords. Lastpass is my favorite tool for logging into all of our accounts. Plus, you can share passwords with team members and assistants.
Photos and Animations
Deposit Photos
Stock photos don't have to be lame. Deposit Photos is the most unique, high quality photo database I've found. Super affordable and and easy to use. Highly recommended.
(Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and we will be compensated when you make a purchase or sign up for a service by clicking through our links. Even if we weren't compensated, these are the tools we use on a daily basis and highly recommend.)
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