Brian and his wife Julie live in Charlotte, NC with their three young children.

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Hi. I’m Brian. And I believe that you were made for a purpose. By clarifying your calling, discovering your audience, and creating your products, you can navigate a clear path to impact and income.

I help authors, speakers, and aspiring messengers create a sustainable business through growing their platform, and creating compelling online courses.

I’m here to help remove the clutter and focus on what really makes a difference in your business.

So let’s work together!
You can check out any of my many free resources, join one of my membership communities, or take one of my online classes. I’m even available for personal one-on-one coaching. To choose your next step and take action click on one of links above and let’s get started.

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It all

Starts with PEOPLE

People matter. A life of profitable purpose starts by focusing on the people in your life. Listening to them, showing up for them, and serving them are the keys to building the skills it takes to grow.

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